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About Natalie

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Natalie integrates a myriad of different skills and tools to help her clients achieve their goals.  She recognizes that all aspects of life are intertwined, therefore a holistic approach is most effective for success.

  • Success Coach

  • Intuitive Healing Practitioner

    • practicing on both horses and riders

  • Horse trainer specializing in classical dressage, eventing, and behavioral problems

  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner

  • Certified Natural Alignment Practitioner

  • Serial Entrepreneur

    • Owned and operated at 26 acre training and boarding horse farm​

    • Founding Partner in an equine software company

    • Founder of Reveal Your Potential

  • Equine Business consultant specializing in the utilization of technology and social media to enhance your small business


"I am a believer in the healing powers of Reiki and Natalie has helped me many times over the years.  I was skeptical when she offered to do a session over the phone and being on opposite sides of the city, but I have seen Natalie influence a horse from across the arena, so why not a city?  I was blown away by the session! Many times during the session, just as I would be about to say something about a spot I felt she beat me to it. As she worked through my right leg, the floor under my right foot felt like it was getting hotter and hotter, and sure enough when I bent down and felt where I was standing the spot under my right foot was much warmer than my left.  I felt so relaxed and revitalized after my session! I was amazed with my results and could not wait to see how my horse would respond to a remote session.


Again, I was completely blown away. Watching my horse’s facial expressions and body language change as Natalie worked on him was incredible.  He had no knowledge of what was going on and yet his facial expressions would harden and soften as Natalie worked through problem areas. His breathing would slow and he would lick and chew (signs of a release of tension).  He would adjust his weight and I could hear snap, crackles, and pops from fascia and joints as she aligned him.  As the session came to an end he displayed multiple signs of relaxation and releases of tension.  The following day his stall was much tidier than usual, he had drank and evacuated 2x as much water as normal, and the craziest part was that he sweat on 3 of his most problematic spots.  For days after the sessions his body stayed soft and loose and was overall happier.  The session with my horse was the purest example of the powers of Reiki.  I’m so happy that Natalie started this journey years ago and that she’s able to share the healing powers of Reiki with horse and human alike."

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