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Getting in Touch with Your Spirituality

Recently I had an old friend reach out expressing that she'd like to get more in touch with her intuition and spirituality. As I replied to her message, I figured, this is a blog post! There are probably others out there seeking the same thing.

Practice trusting your gut

This can be hard at first because our logical mind wants to jump in and start over-analyzing everything, but usually the first thing that comes to mind is your intuitive response. Play around with trusting it – and you will quickly gain confidence as you discover your gut instincts are always right!

Yoga & Meditation

I played around with these practices for years before I got serious about them. But holy, cow, doing these two things daily – even if its just a short duration – can be life changing. To be honest, I still have days where I skip it, but the more I do it, I crave it. I’m a much more peaceful person now. Insight Timer is my favorite meditation app, and offers tons of free guided meditations, as well as a timer for tracking non-guided meditation. When I first started, guided meditations were easier, since someone else speaking kept my brain from chattering nonstop. As I developed more meditative stamina, I was more successful with meditating in silence. Now I do both. Silent meditation works a different part of the brain so I recommend striving for that skill. Down Dog is a great yoga app, but it is a paid subscription. I believe you can do a free trial though. There are also tons of free videos on YouTube.

Get creative

What is your favorite medium? Don't overthink this or put too much pressure on yourself. Do you draw, paint, take photos, play music, write stories? Not sure where to start? Check out this article for some inspiration. Recently, decorating my office space and home has been a creative outlet for me. Think outside the box!


Journaling is a great tool for self-exploration. You can write stream of consciousness, or you can ask yourself questions and respond with your intuition. Often times I will meditate with a journal and pen in front of me. Once you quiet your mind, intuition will flow.


Do you take enough time off? How is your health and wellbeing? If you're experiencing burnout, overwhelm, or health issues, it will be difficult to raise your vibration and sync up with your Higher Self. Take care of yourself, and learn to enjoy it. Recognize that self care is productive. What are some things that help you slow down and recharge? Check out some ideas here!

Energy Work

Seek out a Reiki or Energy Healer whom you trust and dive in! The goal of these sessions is to remove energetic blockages. Many times these blockages are connected to physical and emotional aspects of your being as well. The more you clear, the more layers of yourself you will find, and the more connected you will be to your inner being.

Get out in Nature

Even if it’s just a quick walk or laying in the sun for a few minutes. Better yet, go hiking, or book a weekend retreat to your favorite State or National Park. Take your journal or sketchbook with you. Try meditating in the woods. Turn off the cell phone and truly connect with your surroundings. Try to look at the world through a lens of wonderment - don't label "that's a tree" or "that's a river" - really take it in. Our planet is breathtaking!


Play around with different spiritual practices. I’ve actually found I really like Tarot cards and crystals. 10 years ago I would have categorized those things as “weird” but now I’ve discovered I really enjoy incorporating those things in my life.

Read some good books

A New Earth by Echkart Tolle was one that really started my awakening process – but its different for everyone and each person receives what they are ready for, so browsing some book lists and choosing one you feel drawn to might be a good option. I’m currently reading Jay Shetty’s Think Like a Monk. Another good option. If it is difficult to find time to read, download some audiobooks and listen while driving or doing house chores.

I want to hear from you! Comment your favorite tips below!

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