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Self Care Ideas

Take a Yoga Class!

Most places do some sort of special for new clients. Take advantage! You might enjoy it so much you want to incorporate it into your weekly schedule. If you already do yoga at home, classes area a great way to refresh and deepen your practice.


Download the Insight Timer App and choose a guided meditation that resonates with you. I really like Melissa Ambrosini's "Get Your Glow On" if you want something short and sweet that will make you feel fresh and sparkly. Check out Steve Nobel's page if you want to really go deep and do some self work.

Reiki Session

When I first started seeing a Reiki Practioner, I had all sorts of physical and emotional baggage (I still do, but I'm a work in progress <3 ) and I had tried all sorts of alternative healing to address these issues. I quickly realized that I was receiving the best results with Reiki & Natural Alignment sessions at Blossom. This was the beginning of my journey to becoming a healer myself.


While I love the effectiveness of energy work mentioned above - there's just something about a massage that feels really freaking good! Remember that you don't have to wait until you're having problems to benefit from massage. It feels great, increases circulation, reduces pain, facilitates the elimination of toxins, and more. If nothing else, you get to fully relax for an hour or so.

Salt Baths

This is one of my favorites! Add 2-4 cups Epsom salt for your physical body, and a cup of Himalayan salt for your energetic body. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil for best results.

Diffuse some Essential Oils

Speaking of essential oils - get yourself a diffuser if you don't already have one! Your house will smell amazing, and you'll get all the health benefits from breathing in the air as well. As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, I have to warn you - only use Therapeutic grade oils from companies like doTERRA or Young Living. Cheaper low quality oils are always cut with additives and those can be detrimental to your health, and can definitely harm your pets. I offer a free essential oil consult to all my clients - so feel free to book an appointment if you have questions!

Take Time Off and DO NOTHING

I cannot express to you how important this is. My entire life I have suffered from the "Your productivity = your worth" mindset, and let me tell you, this is NOT healthy! Do you ever feel guilty for not doing enough, or for taking a few hours, a day, or a week to do NOTHING? If so, you may also be suffering from this toxic mentality. I started to heal from this when I started to look at rest itself as productive, recognizing that I will perform at my best if I am rested, and knowing that doing nothing creates space for day dreaming, creativity, and personal growth.

Cook for yourself

For a long time I hated cooking, because it felt like it was a waste of time when I could be doing something "more productive". 2020 has been a big shift for all of us, and many of us are finding we have more time at home. Turns out cooking can be really fun, and delicious. Preparing a meal to nourish your body can be one of the best forms of self-care.

Treat Yourself!

We all have different preferences when it comes to this, but treat yourself! Maybe you like to indulge in manis or pedis, or perhaps a new haircut or color is more your style. Grab a fancy coffee if that's your thing, or do a little shopping. Remember you are worth it. For some reason, my new thing is collecting cute mugs with motivational quotes on them!

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